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User manual Bedienungsanleitung UporabniеЎki priroдЌnik UеѕivatelskцЎ pе™ц­ruдЌka п яѓпєпѕпІпѕпґяЃя‚пІпѕ пїпѕп»яЊп·пѕпІп°я‚пµп»яЏ пџпѕяЃя–п±пЅпёпє пєпѕяЂпёяЃя‚яѓпІп°я‡п° article nuber Gorenje+_cover_6 languages.indd 1 5713215761 /02.11 Index 1 Your espresso coffee maker 1.1 Description 1 - 2 1.2 Control panel 3 1.3 Introduction 4 2 Safety instructions Im portant matters 5 3 Use 3.1 Prep aration 6 - 7 3.2 O per ation 8- 16 4 Maintenance 4.1 Cleaning and maintenance 17-19 4.2 Changing and setting the menu param eters 20-24 5 Messages What to do if ... 25-26 6 Faults Problems th at can be res ol ved before calling the service c entre 27-29 7 Installation instructions 7.1 Important matters 30 7.2 Building-in 31-32 8 Appendices 8.1 Disposal of applianc e and pac kaging 33 8.2 Technical information 33 105 1 Your espresso mac hine 1.1 Description C N O 1 1 Your espresso mac hine A. Main O N/O FF switch B. Handles C. Steam spout D. Water tank (rem ov a ble ) E. Cup tray F. D rip tray (rem ovable) G. Service door H. Coff ee s pout (adjustable in height) I. Control panel J. Bean container lid K. Central g rou nd c off ee lid L. Inf us er M. Power cable N. Cappuccino maker (rem ov a ble ) O. Cappuccino maker nozzle (rem ovable) P. Measuring spoon for preground coffee Q. Coff ee g rounds c ontainer (rem ovable) R. Grinding c oars en ess regulat or S. Coff ee beans container T. Compartment for measuring spoon U. Filling c hute fot preground coffee V. M ob ile drawer W. Accessories holder (left and right) 2 1 Your espresso mac hine 1.2 Control panel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1. Display 2. Appliance on / o ff button 3. Coff ee taste s election button 4. O ne or t wo cups short c off ee button 5. O ne or t wo cups standard c off ee button 6. O ne or t wo cups long coffee button 7. Button to ac tivate or deac tivate menu parameter s etting m od e 8. Button to select g rou nd c off ee or to dis play the next parameter on the menu 9. Button to rinse th e applianc e or to change th e menu parameters 10. Button to select h ot water or OK to c onf irm 11. Steam button 3 1 Your espresso mac hine 1.3 Introduction This es p ress o machine will make delicious cups of coffee, es p ress o and cappuccino. You can customise the s ettings of th e machine to suit your pers on al p ref erenc es and tas tes . This manual describes how to make optimum us e of the es p ress o machine. Besides inf ormati on on how to op er ate th e machine, you will als o find background information that may come in handy when using this appliance. Coff ee has been us ed in th e factory to test the applianc e and it is theref ore c ompl et el y normal th at th ere are trac es of c off ee in the mill. This applianc e is however guaranteed to be new. Store th e us er manu al in a s afe pl ac e. This will ens ure that any subsequent us ers also ben efit from it. Enjoy y our es p ress o machine! 4 2 Safety instructions Important matters As with any applianc e, there are a numb er of matters th at you s hould pay attention to. БЂў This applianc e is intended for domestic us e only (around 30 00 cups a year). Any oth er us e is c onsidered im prop er and in th at case no guarantee will be given. БЂў This applianc e is designed to БЂњmake es p ress o coffeeБЂ« and БЂњheat drinksБЂ«. Us e it with care to avoid sc alds f rom th e water and steam jets or through incorrect us e. БЂў Do not put frozen or caramelised c off ee beans into the bean container, only roasted c off ee beans! Remove f oreign bodi es from the c off ee beans. Otherwise no guarantee can be given. БЂў Do not lean or hang on th e machine wh en it has come out of the cabinet and do not plac e heavy or unstable objects on th e machine. БЂў The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by improper, inc orrect or unr eas onable use of the applianc e. БЂў When using the applianc e, do not touch the hot surfac es. Use th e k nobs or hand les . БЂў Persons (including children) with reduced physical, s ens ory or mental capabilities, or lac k of experience and knowledg e, s hould be supervised when they us e the applianc e БЂў Never let children play with th e appliance. БЂў Only as k for original spare parts to be used. Failure to respect the above could reduce the safety of th e appliance. БЂў Do not put objects c ontaining liquids, inflammable or c orros iv e materials on th e machine. БЂў Use the acc ess ories holder to c ontain c off ee ac c es s or ies (f or example coffee beans). БЂў The parts wh ich c ould c om e in to c ontac t with c off ee or milk c onf orm to the pr ovis ion s of the EEC directive 1935 /20 04 relating to materials suitable for contact with f oods tuf fs. БЂў This applianc e is marked acc ording to the European directive 2004/108/EC on Was t e Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). 5 3 Use 3.1 Preparation Using for th e first tim e The firs t time you switch on the applianc e and every tim e that it is plugged in, the applianc e makes a SELF-DIAGNOSIS op er ati on wh en you press the main ON/OFF switch (s ee A on page 2) . Then the appliance switches off. To turn it on, p res s the on / o ff button on th e c ontrol panel. 1. The firs t time you us e th e appliance, select the language. Press the main O N/O FF switch on the right side of the appliance (s ee A on pag e 2) ; the lights on th e f ron t side and the dis play go on. Wait f or the applianc e to display PRESS OK TO IN S TA L L ENG LISH . Press the OK bu tt on for at least 3 seconds until the applianc e displays ENG LISH IN S TA L L E D. The appliance then dis plays the setting message in English. 2. Aft er a few seconds, the applianc e dis plays FILL TANK. To fill, remove the tank (fig. 1), rinse and fill with fres h water. Never exceed the MAX line. (W hen removing the tan k, the cappuccino maker must alw ays b e p os ition ed outwards (fig. 2, position 1), otherwis e the tank c annot b e rem oved). Put the tank back and push as far as it will go. Move the cappuccino maker towards the c entre of the applianc e and plac e a cup underneath it (f ig. 2, position 3). Only fill th e water tank with cold water. Never fill it wit h other liquids such as mineral water or milk. To ens u re good, arom atic c off ee at all times, you should: - change the water in the water tank every day; - clean th e water tank with normal water f or rinsing (not in the dishwasher) at least once a week. Then rinse off with fr es h water. 3 2 1 1 2 6 3 Use 3. The appliance now dis plays PR E SS OK. Press the OK button. After a few seconds, a littl e water ru ns ou t of the c appucc ino maker. When the c up contains about 30cc of water , the water stops delivering. 4. The appliance now dis plays TURNING OFF PLEASE WAIT and it goes off. 5. Extract the applianc e by p ulling it outwards taking care to us e the special handles , op en th e lef t lid and fill the c ontainer with c off ee beans (fig. 3), then clos e the lid and push inw a rds th e appliance. To prevent malfunction, never fill wit h ground coffee, freeze dri ed coffee, caramelis ed beans or an yth i ng else which c ould dam age th e applianc e. 3 6. Press the on / o ff button . The applianc e dis plays HEATING UP PLEASE W AIT... to indic ate th at p reh eating is underway. 7. When preheating is complete, the appliance displays: RINSING and perf orms an automatic rinse cycle (a littl e hot water ru ns ou t of the s pouts and is collected in the drip tray ben eath). If you want to make a s hort c off ee (less than 60 cc), to make it hotter, fill the cup with this hot rinsing water firs t . You can als o us e the button (s ee paragraph 3.2.2 on page 9, БЂ?Tips to make hotter coffeeБЂ™). 8. The appliance now dis plays the ready message READY STANDARD TASTE. When using the applianc e f or th e f irs t time, 4-5 cups of c off ee need to be made before the appliance starts to give satisfying res u l ts . 7 3 Use 3.2 Operation 3.2.1 Prep ari ng coffee (using coffeebeans) 1. The appliance is pres et to make c off ee with a normal tas te. You can als o choos e c off ee with an extra-mild mild, stron g or extra-strong tas te. To choos e the required tas te, press the button : the selected coffee taste will be displayed. 2. Place 1 cup under the spouts to make 1 c off ee (fig. 4) or 2 cups for 2 coffees (f ig. 5). By moving the dis pens er up or down (f ig. 6), you can adjust the h eig ht of the dis pens er to suit the height of your cup so as to reduc e heat loss and c off ee splashes . 4 For a creamier c offee, lower the spouts to bring them as close to the cups as possible (fig. 6). 5 6 3. Press the button to make a short coffee, the button for a standard c off ee and the button for a long coffee. To make 2 coffees, press the button twic e (within 3 seconds). To chan ge the quantity of c off ee delivered automatically into th e c up, f ollow th e instructions at paragraph 3.2.3 on page 11. (T he applianc e now grinds th e beans and starts running off the 8 3 Use c off ee into th e c up. O nc e th e desired quantity has been reach ed, th e applianc e automatically stops delivering th e c off ee and ejec ts the grounds into the special container). 4. Aft er a few seconds, the message that the machine is ready is dis played ag ain and you can make another c offee. 5. To turn the applianc e off, p ress the on / o ff button . Before going off, the appliance perf orms an aut om atic rinse cycle (a littl e h ot water ru ns ou t from th e spouts and is collected

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