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IMPRESSA E40 IMPRESSA E60 IMPRESSA E65 Instructions for use 02/02Art. Nr. 62902 Jura Impressa E40/E60/E65 English................................................................................................................6 БЂ“ 19 = Note = Important = Tip Jura Elektroapparate AG, CH-4626 Niederbuchsiten, Internet Fig. 1 Fig. 4 Fig. 7 Fig. 2 Fig. 5 Fig. 8 Fig. 3 Fig. 6 Fig. 9 1 2 7 8 910 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 6 5 4 3 2 1 Operating elements Jura Impressa E40/E60/E65 1 Water quantity switch 2 Powder coffee selection switch 3 Coffee key for 2 cups 4 Maintenance key (for functions such as: rinsing, cleaning, de-scaling, filter) 5 Coffee key for 1 cup 6 ON/OFF switch 7 Display with symbols 8 Water tank with carrying handle 9 Height-adjustable coffee spout 10 Pre-ground coffee filler funnel 11 Cover for beam container 12 Selector switch for hot water/steam 13 Pivoting nozzle for hot water/steam 14 Frothing aid 15 Container for coffee grounds 16 Drip tray cover 17 Drip tray 5 Contents Jura Impressa E40/E60/E65 1. 6 1.1 The symbols 6 2. Safety 7 2.1 7 2.2 Safety 7 3. Preparation of the 7 3.1 Checking the mains 7 3.2 Checking the 7 3.3 Filling the water 7 3.4 Adding coffee 7 3.5 Adjusting the 8 3.6 Adjusting the water 8 3.7 Adjustable automatic 9 4. First start of 9 4.1 Fill system with 9 5. Rinsing the 10 6. Adjusting the water 10 7. Drawing off espresso/normal 10 7.1 Drawing off espresso/strong 10 7.2 Drawing off espresso/extra 10 7.3 Drawing off powder 10 8. Drawing off 11 8.1 Return to stand-by 11 9. Drawing off hot 1110. Switching machine 11 11. Care and 12 11.1 Fill 12 11.2 Empty grounds 12 11.3 No drip 12 11.4 Clean 12 11.5 Unit 12 11.6 Use of Claris filter 12 11.7 Insert 12 11.8 Replace 13 11.9 General cleaning 13 11.10 Regular 13 11.11 Empty 14 12. 14 13. 15 14. 16 15. Tips for perfect 16 16. 17 17. 18 18. Legal 19 19. Technical 19 E 6 Important information for the user Thank you for choosing this Jura product. Please study these instructions carefully before using your new machine for the first time and keep them in a safe place for easy reference in future. Should you require further information or should particular problems occur that are not dealt with in sufficient detail for you in these operating instructions, please contact your local dealer or us for the information you require. 1. Description This fully automatic espresso/coffee machine impresses because of its compactness and can prepare 1 or 2 cups of excellent, profes- sional-quality espresso/coffee with guaranteed froth. The unique Jura pre-brew system (Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System I.P.B.A.S б©) ensures full use of the coffee aroma. The machine works fully automatically at the push of a button. With the coffee aroma, you have the choice between normal, strong and extra strong, depending on taste. The integrated grinder grinds the beans to the required fineness. A separate filler funnel makes it possible to use additional, pre-ground sorts of coffee. The water quantity can be set individually. Electronic filling controls for the water tank and container for coffee grounds simplify operation. Thanks to the integrated rinsing, cleaning and de-scaling programmes, care and maintenance are also quick and easy. 1.1 The symbols mean 1 COFFEE READY 2 COFFEE POWDER 3 RINSE MACHINE 4 STEAM / HOT WATER 5 CLOSE TAP 6 FILL WATER 7 EMPTY GROUNDS CONTAINER / DRIP TRAY MISSING 8 CLEAN MACHINE 9 MACHINE SCALED 10 REPLACE FILTER 11 OPEN TAP 12345 10911768    7 2. Safety instructions 2.1 Warnings Children are unaware of the dangers that electrical machines can represent; for this reason, children should never be left unsuper- vised with electrical machines. This machine should only be used by people who have read these instructions. Never use a faulty machine or one with a damaged power cable. Never immerse the machine in water. 2.2 Safety precautions Never subject the machine to the effects of the weather (rain, snow, frost) and never operate it with wet hands. Place your machine on a solid level surface. Never leave it on a surface which is warm or hot (hob etc.). Choose a location which is inaccessible for children or for pets. Always pull the plug out if you are away for a long time (holi- days etc.). Always pull the plug out first before cleaning. When pulling the plug out, never tug on the cord or on the machine itself. Never repair or open the machine yourself. All repairs should be done by authorised service centres only using original Jura spare parts and accessories. The machine is connected to the mains power socket via an electric cable. Make sure that nobody trips over it and pulls the machine down. Keep children and pets well away from the machine. Never put the machine or even parts of it into the dishwasher. Choose a place with a good circulation of air in order to prevent the machine from overheating. If you use de-scaling agents containing acid, remove any splas- hes and drips on sensitive surfaces, in particular natural stone and timber surfaces and/or take corresponding precautionary measures. 3. Preparation of the machine 3.1 Checking the mains voltage The machine is set to the correct voltage before leaving our factory. Ensure that your mains voltage corresponds to the details quoted on the rating plate attached to the bottom of the machine. 3.2 Checking the fuse The machine is designed for a current of 10 Amps. Check that the fuse used matches this. 3.3 Filling the water tank Remove the water tank and rinse it out well with cold tap water. Then fill the water tank and put it back into the machine. Ensure that the tank engages properly (Fig. 1). Only use fresh, cold water. Never fill with milk, mineral water or other fluids. You can also add water without removing the tank. Simply lift the lid up and pour in water from above with a vessel. Close the lid again. 3.4 Adding coffee beans Lift up the cover of the bean container (11). Clean out any dirt or foreign objects from the bean container. Pour coffee beans into the bean container and close the cover again. E 8 3.5 Adjusting the grinder You have the possibility of adjusting the grinder to the roast of your coffee. We recommend the following: for a light roasta finer adjustment for a dark roasta coarser adjustment Open the cover of the bean container. To adjust the grinding, turn the selector switch (Fig. 2) to the required position. You have the following possibilities: the smaller the dots, the finer the grinding the larger the dots, the coarser the grinding the degree of grinding should only be adjusted with the grinder in operation. 3.6 Adjusting the water hardness Water is heated inside the machine. This leads to calcium deposits (scale) during use. This is automatically displayed. Before you use your machine for the first time, you must adjust it to the hardness of the local water. For this purpose, please use the enclosed test sticks. 1б° German water hardness corresponds to 1.79б° French water hardness.The machine has 6 hardness settings to choose from. During the setting, the water hardness selected is shown on the display. Level for Claris Filter Setting for the use of the Claris filter cartridge. Level 0 = water hardness is switched off The automatic scale display is switched off. Level 1 German water hardness 1 БЂ“ 7б° French water hardness 1.79 БЂ“ 12.53б° Level 2 German water hardness 8 БЂ“ 15б° French water hardness 14.32 БЂ“ 26.85б° Level 3 German water hardness 16 БЂ“ 23б° French water hardness 28.64 БЂ“ 41.14б° Level 4 German water hardness 24 БЂ“ 30б° French water hardness 42.96 БЂ“ 53.7б° The machine is adjusted to hardness level 3in the factory. You can alter this setting by proceeding as follows: 9 Pull the plug and the feed wire out of the wire box on the back of the machine. Put the plug in. Do notswitch the machine on. Press the draw-off key fo

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